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March 2-5, 2023

UCA Hayward Host Pricing:


  • $220
    $170 before 2/8/23
    use code ADLT170


  • $95
    $80 before 2/8/23
    use code YTH80

Vistor a la Carte Pricing:

$135 - Full Event

$115 before 2/8/23

use code VSTR115


Early Bird Pricing Not Applicable

$30 - Single Workshop

$20 - Rodas

$50 - Thursday Event Pass

$65 - Friday Event Pass

$90 - Saturday Event Pass

          (includes t-shirt)

$25 - Batizado ONLY

$25 - Batizado T-shirt


The batizado is a celebration of initiation for new students.  It is when new students play capoeira with a teacher to receive their first cordão(cord/belt).  It is a tradition that began with Mestre Bimba as a way to recognize a new student's understanding of the beginning steps of capoeira. It was a rite of passage that typically happened in class, amongst peers. Today it has become a community celebration that includes the Troca de Cordões(changing of belts) when older students receive their next cordões.  We invite special guest teachers to give workshops, our friends come share their energy to celebrate with us, we have rodas, play music, and ultimately we make our capoeira community stronger. Join us from March 2-5, 2023 as we celebrate our art once again. 


5-6pm: Youth Workshop
6-7pm: Adult Workshop
7pm: Welcome Roda

FRIDAY (UCA Hayward)
​Midday Roda at
Hayward Heritage Park
6-7pm: Adult Workshop
7-8:30pm: Adult Workshop
w/Mestre Acordeon & Mestra Suelly
8:30pm: Roda

Adult workshops will be at: 
Dance Room PE140
Cal S
tate East Bay Gym Facilities
9:30-10am: Warm-up
10am-11am: Adult Workshop
11am-Noon: Adult Workshop

Youth workshop and Batizado will be at UCA Hayward
Noon-1pm: Youth Workshop

3:30pm: Batizado & Formatura

Up to date details at:



Co-founder of the UCA, student of Mestre Bimba, living treasure, and our Mestre. Mestre Acordeon is one of 2 masters to bring Capoeira to the US in the 1970s, and is respected and endeared the world over.

The 1st woman born in the US to become a master of Capoeira, and among the first generation of non-Brazilian masters, Mestra Suelly is the heart of our UCA family. She directs all of our goings on and guides with so much passion and care.

Mestre Lobão inspires everyone everywhere he goes. A phenomenal Capoeirista, singer, and inspiration. Mestre Lobão has been at every one of my graduations since I became a professor and is an adopted Mestre to me in so many ways.