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Baianinha - Mestre Recruta
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"Capoeira é pra homem, menino, e mulher"

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First Class


Valid for 2 weeks


Capoeira is a dynamic expression of Afro-Brazilian culture. It embodies the spirit of community and gives its practitioners a means to personal growth and liberation from social and personal constraints. We understand capoeira to be a martial art form that has maintained dance-like elements and music, to become a deceptive fight and enjoyable means of personal expression.


Pre-Capoeira introduces children ages 3-5 to the cultural art form of Capoeira. Our Pre-Capoeira program is designed to introduce the many elements of Capoeira to the children in an animated and supportive way that is age appropriate. 


Our youth program begins at age 6 and is a great way to build confidence, social skills, coordination, and most of all learn about another culture.  We are proud to have an energetic group of children that are always ready to make a new friend. FIRST CLASS IS FREE!!!


We welcome adults of all ages to check out our community.  We have people from all walks of life that are encouraging and challenging in a positive and dynamic communal learning culture.  No matter your skill level, come check us out.  FIRST CLASS IS FREE!!!

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