2021 BATIZADO  October 22&23 2021

UCA Hayward Host Pricing:


  • $135


  • $75

Vistor a la Carte Pricing:

$30 - Single Workshop

$20 - Friday Roda

$45 - Friday or Saturday Pass

$25 - Batizado

$25 - Batizado T-shirt

The batizado is a celebration of initiation for new students.  It is when new students play capoeira with a teacher to receive their first cordão(cord/belt).  It is a tradition that began with Mestre Bimba as a way to recognize a new student's understanding of the beginning steps of capoeira. It was a right of passage that typically happened in class, amongst peers. Today it has become a community celebration that includes the Troca de Cordões(changing of belts) when older students receive their next cordões.  We invite special guest teachers to give workshops, our friends come share their energy to celebrate with us, we have rodas, play music, and ultimately we make our capoeira community stronger. Join us on October 22nd & 23rd, 2021 as we celebrate our art once again. 



5-6pm: Youth Workshop

6:30-8pm: Adult Workshop

w/Mestre Acordeon

8pm: Roda


11am-12:30pm: Adult Workshop

1-2pm: Youth Batizado Ceremony

2:30-3:30pm: Adult Batizado Cermony

RODA will happen when the cermony is over